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Build websites 3.0
without code!

Whether you need a landing page or a web app for your business or clients, build it and launch it in minutes in the web 3.0: borderless, verifiable, low connectivity compliant, and secure. 

Perfect launchpad for your trusted online presence

Peer to Peer

Reach low internet connectivity areas across the globe via resilient peer-to-peer sharing of your site.


Nodes use public-key cryptography to sign their communications, ensuring tamper-proof provenance.

Unique Fingerprint

Your site is tied to a cryptographic key, an internet wide unique identifier to verify content authenticity.

Custom Domain

Connect your custom domain or subdomain easily from any traditional or web3 domain provider to our platform.

Smart Contracts

Built-in native blocks for integrating with smart contracts on EVM compatible networks.


Your site is permanently availability and eliminates reliance on centralized servers to gate keep it.

Backed by

Webstudio is backed by Protocol Labs
Webstudio is backed by IOSG Ventures
Webstudio is backed by Outlier Ventures

Designed for Web3
Secure, peer to peer, low connectivity global availability

Drag and Drop + Co-Pilot

We believe less is more. That is why we built the Studio with simplicity and ease of use in mind, providing you with a streamlined drag-and-drop experience so you can quickly navigate the platform and create your website without any distractions or unnecessary features. Did we mention it comes with it's own GPT powered co-pilot to help you build templates, sections and update the style of existing elements?

Enduring Authenticity

Keep your content always accessible, everywhere,  no matter how much time passes. Webstudio adds a layer of security that includes cryptographic signing and timestamps. This means whenever you create or update content, it gets a unique digital signature that proves it's really from you. Every time you make a change, a new certificate of authenticity is issued, so everyone knows where the content came from. This enhances trust and protects intellectual property rights.

Studio AI
Drag and drop web3 website builder

Powered by TailwindCSS

It's like having a toolbox that's brimming with bite-sized styles ready for you to create something amazing. From defining your color palette to setting your fonts and sizing scale, you can tailor everything to your brand, making your website truly stand out. Your site will look great on any device, with ease, meaning you'll spend less time wrestling with look and feel and more time bringing your vision to life.

Web 3.0 native

It's completely FREE for a single project!

  • Free

    Everthing you need for a single project
    Free Plan
    • Single Project
    • Subdomain
    • Free Modules and Templates
    • Co-Pilot GPT (10 credits/month)
    • Email Support
  • Unlimited

    Every month
    Everything you need for every project you build
    • Unlimited Projects
    • Integrate Custom Domain
    • Premium Modules and Templates
    • Unlimited Co-Pilot
    • Priority Support
Webstudio pass is a lifetime membership access to unlimited plan

Webstudio Pass

The Webstudio Pass is a limited edition, one-time $199 pass that unlocks access to our Unlimited plan, FOREVER.

On top of that, you become a Sponsor and get priority access to our betas, live events, swag, newsletter, learning resources, and anything else we plan in the future.

About Us


A family based startup from Ex-Amazon engineers and Ex-Microsoft customer success professionals. We were drawn in 2021 to the Web3 space and found ourselves with the knowledge and skillset to build solutions for so many early stage founders building blockchain based MVPs that need tech support.


We want to lower the entry barrier for content creators and entrepreneurs by creating a website builder mobile optimized and free to use able to launch verifiable websites with little to no effort. 


Webstudio is a drag and drop editor able to create interfaces for applications built on public blockchains and smart contracts. Imagine launching your own NFT marketplace contract with ThirdWeb and with Webstudio building the UI, and launching a full stack application native to the internet.

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