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Create beautiful web frontends
for blockchain projects, effortlessly!

Start building prototypes and scale them into full products, with the simplicity of drag-and-drop, the beauty of TailwindCSS, and the power to interact with Ethereum smart contracts


Creators, startups and agencies use Webstudio every month.

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Amazing builder that is super user friendly, intuitive & straight forward!

Whenever I have had an issue or query, the support has been phenomenal & always done with a smile. (I'm a novice & can be a tough client at times)

Christopher Dietz - Musician/Writer

Christopher Dietz - Webstudio Testimonial

Build dapp frontends 10x faster

Now everyone can be a web3 builder! With Webstudio's intuitive tools, you can quickly build the interface of a new website powered by smart contracts. It’s like a game: simple, fun, and easy.

Build & Launch Intuitively in Minutes Instead of Days

A powerful drag-and-drop website builder that gets you to the finish line faster, with no coding needed. As simple as composing your site by adding elements to the canvas and clicking publish and in no time your site will be available for your users publicly through a webstudio subdomain, an IPFS CID, and even your own custom traditional or web3 domain.

Build User Friendly Portals For Your Custom Smart Contracts 

Built-in blocks for wallet-based user authentication, smart-contract powered forms, and web3 native modules make it easy to compose any type of app using EVM smart-contracts as a backend. From NFT minting pages to blockchain-powered blogs or dashboards you can compose many custom solutions

You Don't Need a Designer To Build Professional Looking dApps

Over 250 configurable blocks and more than 12 templates are readily available and natively styled by TailwindCSS. Build responsive and customizable designs from the ground up and effortlessly right in the HTML from each block using TailwindCSS classes.

Discover inspiring sites built by
the Webstudio community

For landing pages, portfolios, link in bio, NFT minting portals and any user-facing experience powered by smart contracts.


Build on 1,000+ EVM chains

Webstudio can be integrated with any contract deployed on any EVM-compatible chain on both mainnets and testnets alike.

Simple, transparent & flexible pricing for every need

You can get started for free and change your plan as you grow.

  • Free

    Ideal for hobbyists who require basic features.
    Free Plan
    • Single Project
    • Subdomain
    • Free Modules and Templates
    • Email Support
  • Recommended


    Every month
    Ideal for production-grade applications.
    • Unlimited Projects
    • Integrate Custom Domain
    • Premium Modules and Templates
    • Unlimited Co-Pilot
    • Priority Support
  • What is Webstudio?
    Webstudio is a drag-and-drop and conversational website builder featuring 250+ UI blocks and 10+ pre-built templates powered by TailwindCSS. Sites are deployed in the Interplanetary File System for resilient and tamper-proof, peer-to-peer sharing even in areas with slow or limited connectivity.
  • What use cases is Webstudio best suited for?
    With Webstudio you can build landing pages, websites, blockchain based applications (dapps), stores, blogs and more. In our current state, some of these cases may be limited, but as we add more blocks and templates we will enable them.
  • Who is Webstudio for?
    Content creators, developers, entrepreneurs, digital artists, agencies and companies are using Webstudio to create their online presence.
  • What problems does Webstudio help to solve?
    Webstudio is envisioning a new approach to building websites and applications on the new internet: free of centralized gatekeepers and user owned. As such, it leverages years of experience with drag and drop tools from platforms like Wix and Webflow and brings the user-owned experience of the decentralized web together. In addition, adds a website studio ai builder module to serve as a co-pilot to help creators build amazing sites.
  • What is Web3? how is Webstudio Web3?
    Web3 is a term used to describe the next stage in the internet's development. One of Ethereum's cofounders introduced the term in 2014 as he shared a vision for a decentralized version of the internet that lessens the influence of the corporations that tended to dominate Web 2.0, namely Meta, Amazon, and Google. In this version of the internet, users do not need to log in to an account on a platform like Google or Twitter to access information. They also have greater control over their data instead of sharing it with companies that monetize personal information. The result is an interactive internet experience that gives people more ownership and privacy regarding their data. Webstudio creates a unique identifier for your website using a cryptographic key, which is tied to your content. It includes information about the author and a timestamp to prove when the content was created or modified and by whom.
  • What is Webstudio's pricing?
    Webstudio is a website builder online free to use. Additionally you can access premium features such as unlimited projects and unlimited AI co-pilot and even a lifetime pass with priority access to events and betas.
  • How can I provide feedback to creators of Webstudio?
    You can always drop us a comment on the chat or in our discord channel, you can also leave feedback on our producthunt page or by sending an email to
  • Can I request new templates or modules to be added?
    Certainly, we work very close with our best builders to create the tools that they need to launch their projects and visions. If you are in need of additional functionalities, join our discord to request it or leave us a message in the chat or send an email to
  • What is coming next to Webstudio?
    On 2023 we plan on optimizing the AI template generator as well as adding CMS capabilities to the builder. With this, people will be able to create blogs, storefronts and store their own data within the platform. On 2024 we plan on opening a marketplace where builders can create and monetize their own templates and modules for the community.
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How do I get involved or give feedback?

We’re on a mission to enable the Contributor Economy. Say hi to us on Discord or follow our Twitter! Want to directly connect with us? Book some time with our team here.

  • Twitter
  • Discord

About Us


A family based startup from Ex-Amazon engineers and Ex-Microsoft customer success professionals. We were drawn in 2021 to the Web3 space and found ourselves with the knowledge and skillset to build solutions for so many early stage founders building blockchain based MVPs that need tech support.


We want to lower the entry barrier for content creators and entrepreneurs by creating a website builder mobile optimized and free to use able to launch verifiable websites with little to no effort. 


Webstudio is a drag and drop editor able to create interfaces for applications built on public blockchains and smart contracts. Imagine launching your own NFT marketplace contract with ThirdWeb and with Webstudio building the UI, and launching a full stack application native to the internet.

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